måndag 27 september 2010


I have to write something about this, and this girl Taylor Momsen:
I don't like being negative while writing, but sure I don't like this girl and it has nothing to do with how she looks or how she chooses to portray her music. I just feel like she's fake and hiding something all the time, she always expects people to portray her in one way and no one does because she doesn't live up to the standards

She claims that her biggest idols are the beatles and that her band is most influenced by this band. And I think that is nonsense, because I can see that the only band she really likes is Nirvana and she's always trying to copy Kurt, by all screaming ways she can. Hunching her back, talking like him, trying to scream like him, smoke like him on stage, having the same connection to her band mates as he had, having the same daily rituals like him as much as she can

But the truth is, I think it's pathetic. The thruth is, She is not Kurt Cobain, She will never be Kurt Cobain, because no human is like another

Her band mates are not the rest of Nirvana and will never be, because they are like no other human beings

And she can't sing like kurt for many reasons, just comparing their voices specificly makes you hear that she has problems struggeling with making the same noisy voice like him, but she can't

She can't hold a long raspy tone for some seconds, that's why she has to make all the dark wailings all the time. I can't stand it, I can't listen to her because I know she's trying to copy another artist and she can't be herself, why should people then have to like her for "being herself" while portraying the rock music?

I don't buy that she likes the beatles and other bands that I love, I just think she needs some attention to be satisfyed with herself and this was the coolest way she could think of

Wich was not the case for mentioned artists she claims that she likes

Here are a clip of this girl and her bandmate:

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